Tariq Kenney-Shawa 

MIA, Columbia University (2022) 
BA, Rutgers University (2017)
+1 347-322-9557
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Tariq Kenney-Shawa is currently pursuing a Masters in International Affairs at Columbia University, where he is studying conflict resolution, international security, and journalism. During his time as a graduate student he consulted for The New York Times, researching far-right extremism and threats posed to journalists both domestic and abroad. Before that, Tariq worked at a security consulting firm based in New York City, where he covered conflict developments across the Middle East and North Africa. As a Palestinian-American, Tariq intends to pursue a career that contributes to the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and influences US foreign policy. In his free time, he is an avid street and travel photographer, and hopes to make photography an integral component to his professional career and the stories he hopes to someday tell. 

Work Experience

The Middle East Institute 

Graduate Research Fellow - Palestine Program 

August 2021 - Present

The Middle East Institute 

Publications Assistant 

May 2021 - September 2021

The New York Times 

OSINT Research Consultant 

September 2020 - September 2021

MSA Security 

Intel Analyst 

October 2017 - September 2020

Council on Foreign Relations

Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Intern 

January 2017 - May 2017 

Ruffalo Noel-Levitz


January 2014 - May 2017 

EastWest Institute 

Executive Office Intern

September 2016 - December 2016

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Research Intern

December 2015 - June 2016 


Research Intern

Summer 2015 

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 

Research Intern

Summer 2014

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative research on the ongoing shift in public opinion on Palestine and its potential to influence US foreign policy

  • Organizing and moderating panel discussions and assisting with fundraising efforts to sustain and expand the MEI Palestine Program

  • Edited article submissions to The Middle East Journal (MEJ) and wrote book annotations to appear in the Recent Publications section of future MEJ editions

  • Assisted with media initiatives to grow MEJ readership (marketing, advertising, social media, and circulation)

  • Researched far-right/white supremacist groups throughout the U.S. and identified threats posed to press freedom, gaining proficiency in open source intel collection methods

  • Designed best practices for security coordination with journalists in conflict zones and other sensitive locations, ensuring continuity of operations for New York Times staff

  • Developed expertise in political and conflict developments in the Middle East/North Africa by producing daily, weekly, and event-based strategic analysis reports

  • Conducted open-source research on behalf of MSA’s public and private sector clients (financial institutions, non-profit organizations), determining the range and scope of threats to their interests

  • Lead and mentored a team of analysts and engaged directly with clients

  • Wrote daily news briefs and literature reviews on global supply chains and government corruption for Resident Fellow’s congressional testimonies, publications, and books

  • Drafted blog posts, managed social media, and gained policy insight by organizing and attending CFR programs

  • Singlehandedly raised over $30,000 in alumni funding for Rutgers University programs and initiatives

  • Streamlined contact and alumni databases, allowing for improved outreach efficiency

  • Drafted speeches, prepared meeting materials, managed correspondence and travel arrangements, and carried out other administrative duties for the CEO

  • Published articles on EWI’s website and presented policy proposals on Palestinian-Israeli conflict resolution initiatives to organization leadership

  • Studied the intersection of international affairs, economics, and ethical theory 

  • Promoted Carnegie Council’s Impact podcast and launched a social media initiative showcasing photojournalism covering the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean/Europe

  • Used quantitative and qualitative research skills to study youth political activity and established “Activista” program, stimulating youth political involvement in Jordan

  • Wrote grants, designed program framework and structural expectations, and presented budget plans to European Union officials

  • Organized program activities and outreach between UNDP and UNV

  • Published quarterly reports and launched social media campaigns to improve youth engagement