My name is Tariq Kenney-Shawa, and I'm currently a graduate student at Columbia University where I'm pursuing my Masters in International Affairs. I'm Palestinian-American, and although I've never spent more than four years in one place, I've come to call New York City home. 

I recently took up photography as what I thought would be just another temporary hobby, yet little did I expect, it's grown into one of my most fervent passions, as I patiently hone my style and learn bit by bit, day by day. While I'd say it's too early for niches, I've come to love shooting street, travel, and landscape photography, as I find myself constantly enamored by the bustle of the world around me, the sprawling wonders of nature, and the thrill of capturing fleeting moments in space and time. More recently, I've become more and more intrigued by the world of photo-journalism, and more particularly, a fascination with photographing conflict zones. With my passion for politics and international relations, I hope to find a way to make photography not just a hobby, but an integral component to my professional career and the stories I hope to tell. 

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