My name is Tariq, and I'm currently a graduate student at Columbia University where I'm pursuing my Masters in International Affairs. I'm Palestinian-American, and after years of moving back and forth between the US and the Middle East, I've come to call New York City home. 

For years, I mostly ignored my budding interest in photography. I always liked taking photos - while traveling with my friends, I'd always be the one to hold up the whole group to take photos of mountains or city streets with my outdated iPhone - but I had always considered "real photography" to be better left to the pros. However, in the summer of 2018, one of my best friends finally suggested we buy "real cameras" for a road trip we were planning through California. Of course, it would have been a crime to show up to Yosemite and Death Valley without the right gear. So, we picked up matching Nikons, hit the road, and figured out how to use them along the way.


I thought photography would be just another fleeting hobby, but it's since grown into one of my most fervent passions, as I continue hone my style and learn as I go. While I'd say it's too early for niches, I've come to love shooting street, travel, and landscapes. More recently, I've become increasingly intrigued by the world of photo-journalism and conflict photography, and am constantly inspired by the work of Steve McCurry, Emad Nassar, and Fatima Shbair to name a few. With my passion for politics, international relations, and journalism, I hope to find a way to make photography not just a hobby, but an integral component to my professional career and the stories I hope to someday tell. 

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